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Solid Surface Worktops

For many homeowners, solid surface worktops provide the perfect solution for their kitchen design. Whether you’re replacing an existing worktop or you’re in the midst of a complete kitchen overhaul, this type of worktop will offer an eye-catching, cost-effective, durable and customisable way to cover your surfaces.

What is a solid surface worktop?

Solid surface is a type of composite worktop, which means it’s made up of a mix of different elements. The most common are natural stone and mineral dust, pigments and acrylic and polyester binding resins, though other materials like metal may also be added. This man-made worktop type was designed to be exceptionally durable. Resilient to light scratches and liquids, as well as everyday wear and tear, solid worktops are great for most kitchen activities.

Why a solid surface worktop?

Over half a century old, solid surface worktops were created as a non-porous alternative to stone products - and because water and bacteria are unable to seep through cracks in the surface, it’s an altogether cleaner and more sanitary option for your kitchen worktops. The dense body also means it’s able to withstand formidable impact without damage - so for busy family homes, this is ideal. Another big benefit of this worktop type is that it can be created in an impressive range of colours, thanks to the man-made element of the production process - and this means you can create a custom worktop in your dream colour and style.

Our range

Here at Stone Genie, we stock an extensive range of solid kitchen worktops to add to any interior style. The originator of the solid surface worktop is Corian and, on our site, you can browse through a great selection of Corian products. This market-leading brand has a well-earned reputation for outstanding quality and beautiful finishes. We also stock the incredibly popular Hanex worktops, which are equally visually appealing, easy-to-clean and long-lasting. 

Ready to find your perfect solid surface kitchen worktop? Browse through our exciting selection of products and contact us to place your order today.

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