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Caring for Quartz Worktops
If well cared for, a quartz worktop can last a lifetime - and you’ll be pleased to know that the process surrounding cleaning quartz worktops is quite easy. Similar to other worktop types, the key to looking after your quartz worktop is regular cleaning and making sure you have the right cleaning products to do the best job.
For daily quartz worktop care, try to use a damp microfibre cloth combined with either a neutral, mild acidic or mild alkaline cleaning product. Stay away from using a highly acidic cleaner or bleach-based product, as that could irreparably damage the stone. 

Quartz differs from other worktops as it’s susceptible to heat damage, so bear that in mind when placing hot pans and pots on the surface, and consider investing in heat guards like a pot rest or some heat rods. 

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